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Welcome to Nerfed    
Tired of PuGs? Bored of players asking u for GS instead of skills? Tired of wipe at ICC mobs? 
If you're still reading this,means you'll be interested in <Nerfed> 
Nerfed is a competitive World of Warcraft guild on Magic-WoW. 
Nerfed has a lot to offer to potential applicants. The first is leadership. Our guild is run by a group of highly motivated,competitive, talented,smart,dedicated players who always go above and beyond for the guild and every member. They provide structure and stability which allows raiding to be fun, smooth, and most importantly, efficient. 
The second is player development. We dedicate a lot of time to our recruitment process and each applicant. We look for like minded players with the most potential that are respectful, but can hold their own in a challenging environment. Nerfed has a core of outstanding and knowledgeable players who are not looking to improve themselves, but the people around them. Many people join as above average players and take their game to the next level here with the support and insight of current members. The third is a fan,active community atmosphere. 
Our guild has some great people that have a lot to offer. The friendships you develop here add a lot to your WoW Raiding experience. 

Regards.  <
Nerfed> Staff

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Nerfed & Eclipse work together!

Kitaen, Jun 3, 12 11:10 AM.
First of all i would like to inform everyone from <Nerfed> that we're growing up really fast and good in both aspects of the game, PvE and PvP.
After talked with Eclipse we decided to work together without merge the two guilds, for not meet problems during it.
So we decided to use the add-on "G2G" for talk together as one Guild Chat, with that we will be able to organize better raids.
And we will have much more effort in the PvE aspects of the guilds making them both more active and competitive!

For all Eclipse members, in order to receve your Associate member rank (for sign-up raids), just register and isted of follow the whole application format, just type the link of your Armory showing you're from <Eclipse> and register with your in-game name. 

Regards <Nerfed> Staff

PS. I remember to all Officer from <Nerfed> to read the forum regard how to use G2G add-on, as it will be a must for all staff members.

Solved Applications Problem.

Kitaen, Jun 2, 12 5:32 AM.
Hello guys, actually i would just inform that we've solved the problems regards applications.
From now all applicants will have to answer to the questions during their process for register on our site.
The applications questions will still the same.

Regards. <Nerfed> Staff

are growing up!

Kitaen, May 12, 12 6:12 AM.
Hi guys, well after the dark times that we passed last week, we've growed up really good;i'm glad that we're getting good as we wanted,now is just matter of time before we will be able to hit the 25-man hc runs :-)
Just a little informations to our "PvPers", actually as we says before we're not forcing anyone to do raids, but when we organize an hard raid,we require you to join; and ofc if you dont have a proper PvE gear start work on it.
As i say before we're growing up, and i'm happy about it. Btw 
Best Regards to <Nerfed> from the staff.

PS: If anyone have some suggestions for help grow up the guild, just let the staff know it, so we will think about it.

Dark times for

Kitaen, May 6, 12 8:01 AM.
Hello guys,first of all i would point out that my whole project about create a guild <Nerfed> is growing up, but actually after the good start of the guild (many good members joined us) for my fault we'vent started be active as i want.And that is getting our guild to a death point,a point where we need to change.

That's why we're at this point, a point where we all need to change, from each member to me and my co-leaders.Actually as everyone can understand/notice i'm not active as i wanted to be, that's mainly because my exams times are in like 1 month, so i'm kinda focusing on study while having not so much time during week-days (despite i can play much more during week-ends).
So here is the main problem, we're not as active as we should, so after talked with officers we've decided the following things:
1-We will raid mostly informing the guild in GMOTD
2-Me and the officers will try to focus a bit on raids (especially 10-man untill more active players in guild for try 25-man) So i would say that you'll be kinda forced to PvE.
3-You're free to start a raid on your own,and that would be appreciated, if you cant find enough members in guild, try get some other guys so for those "not-guild" they will be able to see the quality of our members.
4-Everyone that think is able/good to lead a raid, talk with me or officers and we will grant you a guild rank as "Raid Leader", and that will allow you to start Graids more often. Ofc for get this rank u'll require to be a good raid leader, not just someone that can do ToC 10-man -.-
Many rumors says that we're going to disband the guild, isnt true, i love this guild and this whole fault is just that i'm not active as i wanted for this time, we will consider this "bad solution" after 2 weeks if we will not change all out guild as we wanted.
Any member that desire give us suggestions about how to improve the guild,is free to post a topic in our forum and me and the other staff members will discuss with you all about it.
Personally i'll try to make the guild active mostly Friday/Saturday/Sunday cause is mainly when i'm not busy with  Irl stuffs (mainly,and i'll try to increase our roster with good peoples, allowing all of you to be able to play much more compared to the past, actually the positive thing is that even if we seems inactive as guild, i noticed that we've an high % of active peoples, with our little roster;so that's a really nice thing that will make the difference if we keep growing up and start be active.
So nothing more to add, except this:
We've dark times atm, is just and only us who can get <Nerfed> to the light times, and i'm sure all of us want it and will help with it.
Regard <Nerfed> guild staff.

Active Ventrilo Section :-)

Kitaen, May 1, 12 12:08 PM.
Here we go, i can happy inform the guild that from now we're having a full working Ventrilo Section in the MagicWoW Server, with that you all will be able to talk with eachother isted of chat, and will be easier to play together.
So nothing to say, I would always say that we're still looking for the best PvE players and our applications still open.
Regards Kitaen.
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Regards <Nerfed> Staff
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